AmplifiHER Gala

Last weekend, Granite Staters came together for a virtual celebration to honor the Women of the Pandemic, females responsible for sparking change in their community. I was already so blown away to be recognized as Girl of the Pandemic, but getting the opportunity to share my story during the Gala was something I will never forget.

The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation did such a wonderful job highlighting the efforts of so many leaders. Beginning with my initial interview, to receiving the amazing VIP gift basket, to presenting this speech for the livestream, every step along the way has been packed with honor and gratitude.

Thank you so much to everyone who watched the Gala and joined us in celebrating some of New Hampshire’s most selfless women. I am so grateful for all the support I have gotten since I first started on my Seeds of Hope journey ten years ago. I have the best team!

Seeds of Hope – Locally Grown!

It was so special to make this Seeds of Hope donation to the local Heaven’s Kitchen Community Garden right to my own church! It is such a full circle moment to reminisce on some of my first memories serving this cause- working here in the food pantry at just seven years old. I hope my younger self would be proud of all the work and passion she dedicates into building this mission and helping people in need all over the world.

8 countries and territories, 50 states, and 30,000 individuals but now we can add Hampstead, New Hampshire into the mix!

New England Association of Schools and Colleges

My junior year of high school is very quickly coming to a close! Although my classes have remained virtual since fall, this has been such a busy year. I completed a few too many AP exams, started a campus podcast, earned college credit through dual enrollment at two different schools, became vice-president of Student Council, President of the National Honor Society, and was able to participate in so many more exciting opportunities despite the lingering uncertainties of the pandemic.

One experience that I am incredibly grateful for has been the opportunity to represent the Pinkerton Academy student body in discussions with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. I served as an evaluator of my school and was able to have honest, productive conversations with hundreds of Pinkerton faculty and administration about what works and what needs work.

Using the student perspective that I was so honored to bring forth, we were also able to redeem our credentials with the New England Board of Colleges as a semi-private high school and successfully plan ahead for the next five years. It was special to have the platform to contribute to refining curriculum plans and many other important aspects of school order that will impact daily student life far beyond my time on campus!

Second Annual #PoveyPower5k

As Volunteer Service Month comes to a close, I am feeling more inspired than ever following this year’s #PoveyPower5k. Global Youth Service Day was a huge success and with over 100 participants and 10,000 meals provided, we celebrated the occasion BIG.

I cannot thank each of our participants enough. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a devastating toll on families across the country and this 5K proved that Hope is always out there. With participants in ten different states from New Hampshire to Oregon, Gen Z showed up for #GYSD21 and lead true change for the people that needed it most.

Thank you so much to New Hampshire’s ABC News Affiliate, WMUR for their continuous support of Seeds of Hope and for picking up this event to broadcast throughout the weekend. Team work makes the dream work and the Seeds of Hope team is truly incredible!

If you missed it, don’t worry- the #PoveyPower5k will be back next April for our third annual Global Youth Service Day celebration!


Today is National Girl Scout day which means it is finally time for me to reveal a project I have been working very hard on for the last few months!!!! Starting TODAY, Seeds of Hope will be sending out a shipment to Girl Scout troops in a new state EVERY week!!!

This initiative is called Growing Girl Power, and each box contains the materials to host a “Planting Party”, where young leaders all over the United States will be planting their own vegetable gardens and learning how to unleash their power to change the world.

Starting with Alabama, these next few months are going to be jam packed. I am so grateful for all the donations Seeds of Hope has received to make this possible. We are planting Hope in the future all over the country and there is nothing more worthy to do than that. Let’s do this!!!

“We Can” and We DID

Not like anyone needed more proof that the Miss New Hampshire Organization is a powerhouse of good, but I think that 2,237 pounds of food is a pretty fair example of just how much the strong leaders that make up this program are capable of.

Just a few weeks ago, I introduced the “We CAN Change the World” food drive to our titleholders, not providing much guidance and letting the girls take it in which ever direction they saw fit. Since the 2020 Miss New Hampshire competition was postponed all the way until April of 2021 and the Outstanding Teens should be preparing to compete to for my title next weekend, I figured the girls might be a little deprived of competition and I just had to spice things up. The representative from each group that collected the most amount of food would be rewarded with a special prize!

I put out a box and LOVED seeing all the promotion on social media. I knew the girls were doing a great job but still, I was blown away by the end of our collection day when our fourth car was packed to the brim with food!!

It was a pretty intense competition, but in the end, Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen and Miss Stratham were our winners! They joined me at the New Hampshire Food Bank to get the grand total and of course help unload all the food!

I cannot thank everyone who was involved in this enough. I am continuously so impressed by the initiative of our Miss New Hampshire Organization titleholders and this project proved my long time belief that we make up some of the state’s most passionate and capable change makers and that with a little team work and a lot of Hope, anything is possible! I am so incredibly proud to represent this program and cannot wait to see what we will accomplish next.

Patriots Difference Maker!

Whenever someone asks me why exactly I do what I do, there are a few specific memories that flash in my head. I remember the first person I ever gave food to and the way he changed my life ten years ago. I think about that one little girl who I gave a teddy bear to so long ago, the one I have seen grow up year after year delivering a Thanksgiving turkey to her house, how she is always eager to show me that she still has her bear (AKA Princess Sparkle Glitter Queen). I think about the faces I have gotten to know each week at the food pantry, those conversations I look forward to and the many new friends that unfortunately, it was the pandemic which brought us together. When asked why I work so hard, I can’t help but think about my classmates who rely on the cafeteria meals to get them through each day, and the one in six kids across the country who are in the same boat.

Anytime that I am recognized for my work, I am always so shocked. Utterly grateful, but equally surprised. While I know not enough people understand the significance of food insecurity in America, I never consider my work to be anything more than a job that must be done, my true mission and purpose in life.

It was a regular Sunday morning for me, spent in the cellar below Orient Pearl Chinese restaurant, where I stuff weekend take-home bags for the thirty students in the Epping school district who rely on school lunches. Unaware that I had been nominated for the honor, I was a little bit confused to see the email on my phone that I was selected by the New England Patriots as a 2021 Difference Maker of the season.

All season long, it was so special to be recognized by the New England Patriots. It means so much for surprises like this to happen because although recognition of will never be the reason why I do what I do, any sort of platform and donation like this allows me to further my impact and that is what this is all about. Both the grant and the media coverage from this award will go so far, I am eternally thankful for the opportunity to make my mission of Hope a little bit more accessible.

Not to mention- I also got a super cool football with my name on it!!! And meeting with the Kraft family, some Patriots players, and many more talented behind the scenes team members of the NFL over Zoom was also something I will never forget.

Coats 4 Kids 2021

The student council Service Outreach committee that I am the chair of was really struggling to make any progress this year due to the frequent changes between our hybrid school schedule and a transition to full remote learning. As I began to plan my fourth annual Seeds of Hope coat drive back in November, I knew it needed to be bigger than ever before. Not only because I somehow had to beat my personal record of 350 coats last year, but because the need has never been as severe as it is right now.

I proposed a partnership to my committee for the Pinkerton Academy Student Council to team up with Seeds of Hope to plan a mega coat drive… they were all over it and I got right to work!

I assigned each member of my committee a business in their hometown to reach out to and request sponsorship as a coat drop off location. We ended up having almost ten different businesses in throughout southern New Hampshire collecting coats for us!!

I am so thankful for the platform I have from my title of Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen. No one needs a title to make a difference, however I have built so many incredible relationships through this organization that some of my MNHOT sponsors were willing and eager to get involved as well. With a greater following on social media, I was able to spread the word quicker than ever, which I believe is just another of the many factors that contributed to this year’s success.

About two days into the coat drive, I was getting calls from multiple businesses saying their donation boxes were already overflowing. After a week, it was time for me to sacrifice my parking spot in the garage so we had a place to store the mountain of coats which seemed to grow in every single day!

A month later, I had 646 winter coats piled from the floor the the ceiling in my garage…

I got my workout in when it was time to fill my dads truck with all these coats so we could bring them to the donation center. It wasn’t easy and contrary to my mom’s bet, I somehow fit them all into one car!

When I got to Anton’s Dry Cleaners to drop off the coats, I was greeted with a business card for a WMUR reporter and was told I had an interview as soon as I finished unloading the coats! It took awhile, but with the help of the amazing employee, Holly, we got all the coats inside after about 15 trips!

I quickly got home and squeezed in my interview with Monica Hernandez from WMUR before heading out to my dance classes for the night. It was an honor to be joined by Mr. Arthur Anton and to be able to share my message of Hope to everyone watching the news.

I am so thankful to everyone who made this all possible. From my Service Outreach committee and the rest of the Pinkerton Academy Student Council who were so helpful in making this so widespread, even despite our tricky remote learning environment, to all the local businesses who donated space in their facility to store coats for us, to all the people who donated, liked, commented, and shared my millions of Facebook posts advertising the coat drive, to Anton’s Cleaners for accepting so many coats, my parents for keeping the mountain of coats in our garage for a month, Holly at Anton’s Cleaners for working so hard for us, Monica Hernandez and the rest of the WMUR team for a special feature, this never would have been possible without the dozens of people who contributed. I hope that this will be a new tradition for Pinkerton Academy, and that the success of this coat drive was proof to all my peers who were watching that anyone can make a difference!

Most importantly… there is still time to donate! Bring all of your gently used coats to any Jordan’s Furniture or Enterprise Bank to help families in need right here in New Hampshire.

Check out the segment on WMUR!

Twenty- twenty

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who cheered a little louder when the ball hit the ground this New Years Eve. 2020 has been a year unlike any other but certainly one that we will never forget. History unfolded before our eyes this year.

It began with an orange sky. Australia’s wildfires were devastating, even to simply witness from thousands of miles away. The Presidential campaign was in full swing with a long list of candidates chasing each primary. A travel warning and the first domestic case of the coronavirus stirred questions across the country. This all happened in only January, and the busy first month of the year ended with Brexit, the passing of Kobe Bryant, and the declaration of a public health emergency.

The fate of 2020 seemed to become clearer with each passing day, as political turmoil shook the nation and the status of the new virus escalated to a global pandemic. All professional sports teams suspend their seasons, schools shut down, medical professions transformed into modern day super heroes, and millions were left unemployed. Over the summer, our nation’s injustices were put in the limelight. Riots took over cities but many peaceful protests taught us all that we have some learning to do. California went up in flames, and history was made with the announcement of the first female Vice President. Notorious RBG passed away in September and the confirmation of her replacement shortly followed. By December, more than 80 million cases of the coronavirus had been reported, close to two million of those were fatal, and the national food insecurity rate surpassed 50 million. Yet the inoculation process began in the final days of this long year, and with an efficiency rate of 95%, the COVID vaccine is so much more than a shot to us… it is an emblem of hope.

Since the pandemic began, I have actually been busier than ever before, working hard with Seeds of Hope to combat the unprecedented levels of food insecurity right here in New Hampshire. I cannot deny that somedays it can feel defeating, like with every step forward comes two steps back. However when there is a need as urgent as this one, there is simply no other option that to keep focused and stay diligent one day at a time. For me personally, this year held both some of my most treasured memories as well as some testing challenges.

The holiday season has been a reminder of how extremely different life is this time around. I’ve been doing a lot of reflection, and wanted to tie up 2020 reminiscing on the positives of the year.

In January, I had the honor of attending the National Leadership Conference in Washington, DC., where I met with leaders and change makers from around the world. In the midst of the impeachment trials, experiencing my favorite place in such a unique time was something I will never forget.

February is always very busy for me, it began as I continued to follow and support the campaign trail of many Presidential candidates after getting the incredible opportunity to work one on one with them during my time at Phillips Exeter.

The rest of that month was spent working hard to prepare for the Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen competition. 2019 was an exceptionally tough year for me, so my only goal was to finish the weekend proud of my resilience, passion, and growth. I love (and deeply miss) the feeling of preparing for something like this. The mix of excitement and nerves instils a drive in me that cannot be reached from anything else.

Needless to say, walking out of the competition after reaching and surpassing my goals was the greatest feeling in the world. I would do anything to live that weekend over again a million times. Despite the countless hours that went into my preparation, I will always credit my success to my incredible support system including my family, coaches, and directors.

That was the best weekend of my life… and I held closely onto its memory as things became a little tricky when the pandemic began to spiral worse and worse.

March taught me to live in the moment, as I was living on cloud nine until things seemed to dive-bomb for the very worst. I spent a week with my family in Puerto Rico, relaxing on the beach and spending some time working in their local food pantries. I came home to one of my favorite annual events with the New Hampshire Food Bank and my first appearance as Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen, a performance at a school fundraiser, a day in my local food pantry, a fundraiser for the Make a Wish foundation, and just one week of classes before the virus sent me home for the rest of the year. As much as I loved those events, I now wish I absorbed them just a little more.

By April, I had adjusted to the quarantine lifestyle and online school was in full swing. At this point, I was busier than I had ever been spending all my free time restocking New Hampshire’s food pantries, holding food drives, and of course making some time for homework too! In honor of Global Youth Service Day, I organized the #PoveyPower 5k, which remotely united close to 100 runners, walkers, and bikers from across New England and beyond and raised enough money to provide nearly 9,000 meals for struggling Granite Staters. It was a perfect day, and I was shocked and so grateful to be honored by New Hampshire’s ABC Affiliate news station as the WMUR Hometown Hero.

Throughout the quarantine period, I routinely published virtual story times for young children home from school and began a fun new project which I like to call #KindnessRocks, which encouraged people to spread kindness in a socially distanced world while keeping active and enjoying the beauty of New Hampshire!

After winning Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen, I was planning on competing at the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competition over the summer, which has been my biggest dream since I won my first local title at twelve years old. Because of the COVID outbreak, that got put on hold, along with most-if not all of the other incredible events that come with this title which I have worked so hard to earn over the past few years. It is no secret that this year was anything but what I expected, however those changes allowed me to try new things. Instead of going to pageants every weekend, I got my first job at a local cafe! It was extra special as I was able to establish my Win-Win food waste recycling program where we donated our leftover bagels at the end of each week as well as a 5% off promotion to anyone who brought a donation for the local food pantry… both of which are still active today despite my short time working there. I also began teaching dance and performed in my first outdoor recital.

In the fall I began my junior year of high school! Although we didn’t last too long in the hybrid set up and have spent the majority of the year fully remote, I love all of my classes this year and am desperately looking forward to whenever I’ll get to return to the classroom. I decided to give up my lunch and study periods this year so I could take extra classes, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!!

I am still busier than ever in the food pantries. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the battle against food insecurity has felt defeating at times, however the outpouring compassion from the community has exemplified enough hope to carry us all through. I have known since I was just seven years old that my purpose in life is to share my strength to those that need it and ultimately put an end to food insecurity. So far, I have provided more than 20,000 meals to families in need around the world, trained and recruited 200 other youth volunteers to fight hunger beside me, and I have so much left on that to-do list. Over the past few months, I have been honored with some unbelievable recognitions that I am endlessly thankful for. A 5,000 dollar grant from the New England Patriots, the Outstanding Volunteer Champion of New Hampshire award, and even a cover story in Hippo magazine have all been the greatest honor and truly mean the world to me.

Just like so many others, I experienced countless disappointments this year. However, I could not possibly end 2020 with any more gratitude in my heart. I have grown more than I’ve ever imagined possible and learned the truth behind the saying, “when one door closes, another one opens”. I learned trust through the uncertainty and grace in times of challenge. It was probably the exact opposite of what I had in mind, but I am so proud of myself and my community for stepping up to the plate and rearranging our priorities to suit this new life and the needs that have come with it.

As we leave 2020 in the past, there are still so many questions about what the future holds. Really the only thing I am certain of is the fact that 2021 will be the year of hope, and I am okay with that. We have never needed anything more than we need hope right now.

Let this be the year that you take it one day at a time, and view uncertainty as potential for something even greater than you originally had in mind. Let us never forget the valuable lessons 2020 taught us, and most importantly, allow us to unite in the name of hope.

Seeds of Hope reaches Kailua!

So excited to announce that Seeds of Hope has hit the ground in Kailua, Hawaii!

There has been (and still is!) so, so, SO much happening behind the scenes. All throughout quarantine I have spent lots of time reflecting, reevaluating, planning, and most importantly doing everything I can to expand Seeds of Hope. I am busier than ever in the food pantries making sure New Hampshire’s unprecedented number of food-insecure families have access to the services they deserve. Still, there are some really exciting projects in the works that I cannot wait to reveal… get ready! 2021 is going to the year of Hope.

For now, I am thrilled to share that we have reached a new destination, Kailua, Hawaii! These seeds will be made into personal garden packages with my lesson on youth empowerment and will be distributed to elementary schools throughout the island. A portion of them will also be donated to community gardens so they can provide healthy food to families in need.

Stay tuned for more pictures as they begin to harvest!