Chasing the End to Hunger!

St. Patty’s Day weekend was quite eventful for me. I spent my Friday on the catwalk (check out my previous update to hear about that fun time!) and Saturday, I was happy to spend the day volunteering at the Manchester Shamrock Shuffle! What was great about this however, was not only was I supporting a generous Miss New Hampshire sponsor, but the official charity of the race was one very near and dear to my heart, the incredible New Hampshire Food Bank! I represented the food bank all morning and was excited to switch gears and volunteer our sponsor with my sister titleholders as many began to show up! Cheering on ten thousand runners got me reminiscing on my days running for our local cross country team, so, I went home that day and signed up to participate in the Shamrock Shuffle the very next day! It was pretty cool to be able to foster the work of two organizations that are important to me in a whole new way. After such a long break from running. it is no secret I was pretty rusty but still, I was proud of myself for giving it my all for such an important cause.

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