Seeds of Hope in the Community

There is only so much I can do alone, but with the support of my community, I truly believe we have the power to change the world and end hunger once and for all. I am soooo excited about one of my many new projects, a very exciting local food drive! I have partnered with lots of local business owners to promote not only Seeds of Hope and the hunger crisis, but also their businesses! Coco Early Associates recently reached out to me as they had heard me tell my story and speak about my organization. I was so humbled to hear the voice over the phone telling me I had inspired them, and asking for my mentorship as they do their part in ending hunger. We then decided to partner and create this massive food drive. I am thrilled to have over 25 business sponsors on this awesome project. The coolest part, is that these sponsors have made it possible for us to give our donors an elaborate and feasible thank you! After giving non-perishables or a ten dollar monetary donation, you can receive a reusable grocery bag full with great goodies from all of those business sponsors. Attached you will find the list of some of the amazing businesses who have given to our drive and also what Seeds of Hope has given to the thank you bags! These bags are stuffed to the brim of deals that I promise you won’t want to miss, all you have to do is help us tackle the hunger crisis! All donations will be kept local as well, filling the shelves of the Hampstead and Sandown Food Pantries.

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