Stuffing the Bus to End Hunger

I always look forward to the annual Stuff The Bus event. One weekend a year, you will find a school bus at every grocery store in the Seacoast. Myself and countless other inspiring volunteers will work long hours to stuff the bus! We ask shoppers as they enter the store to consider donating either monetarily, by purchasing an item off our lengthy “needed items” list, or by buying a prepackaged bag of our necessities! All donations are incredibly valued, as they will be given directly to St. Vincent De Paul food pantry and then distributed to families throughout the summertime, the toughest time for food insecure families.

I am always humbled by the outpouring of kindness and plain support we get from the community when events like this one are held. There is nothing more heartwarming than witnessing first hand so many individuals unite and come together to put an end to such a detrimental problem in their community. I am excited to say all buses were filled (some many times!!!) and the Saint Vincent De Paul food pantry is stalked up for the hard months to come.

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