Planting Seeds of Hope at the Manchester Community Garden

Saturday was Comcast Cares Day, a day organized by the communication provider, where all Comcast locations across America spend the day doing something to improve their community. It is a nationwide event of giving back. This year, like many years in the past, the New Hampshire Food Bank was partnering with my local Comcast to refurbish the community garden, where the majority of the Food Bank’s produce is from. It was an honor to have the opportunity to lend my hand. I woke up bright and early, so excited for yet another chance to do my part in defeating the hunger epidemic of our state, and plant even more Seeds of Hope. After lots and lots… and lots of hard work, the garden looks absolutely beautiful! I also had a wonderful time working with the children of the employees who attended, together we made flower pots and planted magnolias to hang around the fence of the garden to warn off those pesky animals! I even had the pleasure of celebrating a boy named Chris’ 8th birthday, who opted to spend his special day giving back with us. Chris, and the many other excited kids, are just a small example of why I will always be faithful in my generation. I don’t call us “the generation of change” for nothing! This day was proof that team work really does make the dream work! The awesome employees of Comcast and my fellow volunteers of the NH Food Bank truly did a great job, and I am proud to be a part of this determined bunch of hunger fighters!

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