Returning back to service with a Backpack Drive

I may have seemed MIA while I have been away at Phillips Exeter this summer,but I assure you my hard work and dedication for the community never took a rest. In between my studies, I was looking ahead and planning out my upcoming busy year as a Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen scholarship program local representative, but more importantly, a community member and leader.

Sitting in summer school could have made it easy to forget how many children and families would be struggling as the school shopping season was quickly creeping around the corner. I realized how fortunate I had always been to have the resources I need to thrive in any environment, academic or not. I needed to help those who weren’t so lucky. A family friend once stayed in New Generation Inc., a homeless shelter for pregnant women and women with children and babies, so I decided to reach out to the shelter and find out if they had any school age children who could benefit with some supplies. As soon as I came back home, I began collecting donations.

It is always so amazing to see just how easy it can be to make a difference. I love watching the community unite to help one another. I am so proud to say we gathered far more than requested by New Generation Inc. I truly thank each and every person who donated because alone I cannot change the world, but together we can make it a whole lot better.

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