A Solution to World Hunger

Sometimes I’m asked, “do you actually think there’s a solution to world hunger?”, and sometimes, it can be easy to think my goal is too lofty. Today, there are 825 million people who are living in hunger. This number is undeniably huge, and what is even more troublesome is this number is nearly 6 million more than it was at this time last year. 12% of families in our country alone have to decide daily paying the rent or buying groceries for the week.

However, today there are 124 million people fewer than in 2005. This is fantastic, but I believe there is no time to rest until this number is 0 and every belly is full.

Saturday mornings, I feed 300 families in Manchester through the New Hampshire Food Bank. I shop with them through the facility for their groceries for the week and I get to know each and every one of them. Usually however, I don’t have the opportunity to build relationships with the beneficiaries of my service, infact, it is very rare. This makes it easy to forget just how impactful every effort truly is, and sometimes it feels like the work to be done is endless. I know I will never end hunger, but I also know I will never stop trying. The biggest mistake is doing nothing simply because there is little that you can do.

At this morning’s annual Seacoast NH Crop Hunger Walk, I learned that last year, we supported 1670 food pantries and soup kitchens around the country with eight million dollars through this event and other walks like it. This is incredible, and it proves that we really ARE making a difference. It is so easy to help, but only when others begin to realize that they are the ones in charge of controlling the fate of the hunger epidemic will we see the issue finally terminate. Alone we can’t help everyone, but everyone really does have the power to help someone. There is no reason we should be turning our heads in terrible indifference to others struggling, whether it is our neighbors or strangers overseas.

No, I don’t have the solution to world hunger, but what I do have is confidence that there is one. We are doing so much now, and I applaud so many hunger fighters around the world for taking on such a cumbersome task with me. But there is so much more to be done, the proof is all around us. Everyone can help, and as soon as the dream of that happening becomes a reality, we will certainly be a lot closer to global justice.

All of the beautiful flowers and deep forests of tomorrow are hidden in the seeds of today. We can dent despair, but it is going to take a lot more than just money and recognition to fix it. I’ll never be satisfied until every person’s human right to adequate food and water to sustain and thrive is actually fulfilled. Everything adds up, and although sometimes it may seem hard to find hope for a solution for this problem, I always remind myself to judge each day by the seeds I plant, not by the harvest I reap.

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