Why Seeds?

Another Seeds of Hope shipment has successfully reached its destination and with that, we are one step closer to ending world hunger.

Half of the one billion people living in poverty are farmers. This means that as soon as we are able to strengthen the agricultural economy, the amount of people suffering from the hunger epidemic will be cut in half. Not only will we be closer to providing all hardworking people with their right to prosperity, but also welcoming increased amounts of local healthy nutrients to feed thriving communities. With substancial food as the product of good farming, the greatest stride we could possibly make against food insecurity is improving conditions for agriculture.

Of course, it cannot be this easy. As nice as it would be to simply grow more crops to provide all farmers with income and all less fortunate citizens with nutrition, there is a large barrier holding us back. Most farmers who live in extreme poverty lack the basic resources needed to attain these goals, whether it is education or the physical cultivation tools they have no access to, which makes a steady earning a nearly impossible task for an individual, family, and ultimately an entire community to achieve.

The solution lies in the delivery. By providing disadvantaged vicinities with the tools needed to successfully provide agricultural products, we ARE solving world hunger. Every little seed brings us a lot closer to where we need to be.

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