2020 Updates

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile, but as you can see I have been busy revamping this site to bring in the new year. We certainly kicked 2020 off in the best way, with a brand new international partnership and a huge shipment of seeds on its way to Haiti. These seeds are headed to a shelter where they will be grown and sold to the surrounding community for profit, which is so awesome because they truly have a dual purpose and will get us twice as close to our mission. The children growing and selling the produce will gain skills to enable them to provide for themselves when they are released from the shelter, helping prevent future generations of food insecurity in the country, At the same time, the community around them is benefiting from the healthy vegetables and newly prosperous agricultural resources.

Locally, we are making great strides toward a healthier, and more food secure state. I want to give a huge thank you to the Hampstead Lyons Club for initiating an incredibly successful food drive in honor of Seeds of Hope. At every meeting for two months, each member brought an assigned item for the food drive. In November, I was thrilled to bring it all to our local food pantry at St Anne’s.

Another shoutout goes the Derry-Salem Elk’s Past Exulted Rulers Association for allowing me to speak and making a generous donation and very helpful to my organization.

I was also able to attend a Ted Talk Conference, an experience I’ll never forget. I had the honor to attend to hear first hand accounts from speakers who have seen it all and gain new perspectives on issues from immigration or climate change to architecture or self conception. I spoke with Somalian refugees, doctors studying rare diseases in Africa, CEOs finding unique ways to combat plastic waste and save our oceans, pioneer researchers exploring new depths of mental illness, and so many other leaders who are courageously changing the world everyday. I made lots of lasting connections and I can’t wait for what is surely to come of them.

I spent a few days filling backpacks for students in the Epping chapter of 68 Hours, a national program which gives children who rely on school lunch to get the through each day meals for when they leave each weekend, and established a new business partnership with TD Bank, stay tuned for more exciting information about what you can do to help us out!

I helped WMUR, Walmart, and Hanford’s on their annual statewide food drive and collected over 300 winter coats for Anton’s Cleaner’s Coats for Kids drive.

And of course, I got to join the New Horizon’s delivery team once again for one of my favorite events all year! This year, I delivered turkey dinners to seventeen local families throughout Manchester to make sure everyone got to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday season.

November-January has obviously been busy for Seeds of Hope, but successful as ever! I am so inspired heading into 2020, ready for a year of hope and empowerment. There is so much more to come!…

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