When you choose Hope, anything is possible.

Seeds of Hope has proven this to me time and time again, and everyday my hope for what is next continues to grow. I have been super busy lately, and in result, making huge strides toward ending food insecurity. Locally, nationally, and globally, this has been a great few weeks for my organization!

Most recently, I spent the day in the Epping 68 Hours storage unit, putting together bags of food for the children in the school district who rely on the free and reduced school lunch program. Nearly 30 kids need services from the organization to keep them full over the weekend, so I always enjoy spending a day in the food pantry to prepare for those kids. With the recent closure of many schools, the struggles that families are already facing has increased greatly as many kids no longer have the meals they receive at school, and even families already on Food Stamp Programs face troubles as benefits have a limit that is still not quite enough to cover three meals a day for the upcoming weeks. I was also able to spend a little time preparing extra backpacks for students on Pinkerton’s Backpack Program, but right now it is critical to remember that some of the devastation from this virus can not be avoided by washing our hands.

Seeds of Hope officially reached two new locations! After a very long journey, one shipment arrived at a church group in Haiti, where it will produce vegetables to not only nourish thirty children, but also teach them how to earn a profit and prepare them for sustaining life on their own. I love that one shipment can make such an impact and not only heal food insecurity today, but help prevent it in the future. In Puerto Rico, I brought some seeds as well as non-perishable food donations to a church, where they were distributed to many other organizations throughout the island. A huge thank you goes to the Seeds of Hope supporters who sponsored this donation, as the need in Puerto Rico is immense after the devastating earthquakes that recently struck the territory.

On a brighter note, I had total blast at the annual Steal Chef Challenge by the New Hampshire Food Bank. This event is always so much fun, and I love seeing SO many people get all dressed up and excited for such an important cause. It was also pretty cool to meet celebrity chef, Micheal Symon! My favorite part however was seeing my New Hampshire Food Bank family, because I remember how welcoming they have always been to me, ever since my first food drive for them when I was very young.

I also want to give a big thank you to the Miss New Hampshire candidates who generously brought canned food donations to their competition orientation! Although the event which these were planned to benefit was unfortunately cancelled, they will be put to good use once things clear up and I am able to get the inventory of a few food pantries throughout the state so I can make sure these donations are used to their highest potential!

I am so completely grateful for the outpouring of support I have gotten since I began Seeds of Hope. Truthfully, this organization has taken off more than I ever imagined in this short of a time period, and I couldn’t have done it without the kindness of my community. My work to end hunger means the absolute world to me, and I am so thankful to be able to make a lasting impact in my community and others around the world. This has been yet another great month for us, but there is SO much more in store! Stay tuned!

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