Do you believe in unicorns?

I do!

It is no secret the covid outbreak is changing lots of things about our daily life. My good friend, Lennon, felt the impact when her fifth birthday had to be cancelled for safety measures. A princess like her deserves a super special day, so her mom turned to social media and got all of her friends to virtually wish her a happy birthday! The day before her birthday, I went shopping for her gift and I picked out a book called “Uni the Unicorn”. On the way home from the store, I happened to see- what else- a real life unicorn!

Remi was this unicorn’s name, and she helped me wish Princess Lennon the most magical birthday ever! The next day, I got to safely celebrate the birthday girl with a socially-distanced visit and a wave from the driveway to her front porch.

My visit with both Lennon and, of course, Remi proves that even in crazy times like these, friends are forever, magic is real, and ANYTHING is possible!

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