Apart, not alone!

“Individually we are just one drop, but together we are the ocean.”

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

Hope is not pretending troubles don’t exist, or assuming they will just blow over, it is believing that they won’t last forever. There is no refresher of hope like seeing the community come together and lend a hand to our neighbors.

One of the food pantries I work closely with, a chapter of the national End 68 Hours of Hunger Organization, diligently provides school aged children who rely on school lunches with adequate food each weekend. Since the transition to remote learning, their job has become even more vital and they suddenly had a great need for help.

I quickly gathered a few boxes and kicked off a social distancing food drive with safe drop off locations in two different towns. I then turned to social media and almost immediately we had our first donation.

By the end of that first day, both of the two boxes had been packed with the food pantry’s most needed items. The pattern continued in the following days, but instead of each box filling up just once, they were beginning to overflow, fill up twice, and even fill up three times a day!

I believe there is no force stronger than that of hope, and I am endlessly thankful to live in a community that proves that to be true. In just a few days, we were able to restock the shelves of the food pantry and feed the children of our state. Once again, I am so impressed by the outpouring compassion of Granite Staters but not the least bit surprised! Teamwork and a little hope is truly all it takes.

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