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The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization is full of passionate young women across the country working hard to make the world a better place. A prerequisite to compete in any competition is to have a personal platform issue- the specific cause that is particularly near and dear to us that we choose to focus our philanthropic efforts on.

Each girl in the MAOTeen organization serves their community diligently, exploring, exercising, and creating innovate ways to make a real impact. The crown (although the sparkles are amazing!) is so much more than an award or accessory. It comes with great responsibility and gives even greater opportunity. It is a sparkly microphone, providing an audience and spotlight as she continues her service so selflessly. Each point of the crown represents what makes a teen truly Outstanding; service, style, scholarship, and success.

Here in New Hampshire, we have 25 Miss and 25 Teens across the state, each one with a unique platform which they dedicate their time to and ultimately touch and change countless lives. This number varies more or less in every state through our nation, totaling up to prove that the Miss America and MAOTeen Organization is responsible for a great deal of successful leadership, social entrepreneurship, and compassionate females determined to make a difference.

When I was crowned Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen, I knew right away that one of my biggest goals for the year would be to showcase the incredible impact our titleholders are making in the world. With service as one of the emphases of our organization, enabling girls all over the country to utilize their crown to make a difference, I was eager to not only bring attention to our acts of selflessness, but to celebrate them.

To showcase the good our Outstanding Teens are doing here in the Granite State, I am dedicating the entire month of May to our girls, opening the stage to them and the platforms they care so passionately for. Each day will feature a different girl with a “Service Spotlight” on the Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen Facebook and Instagram pages where they will share everything from their inspiration, successes, goals, and more.

May-ke A Difference month is all about broadcasting the strength, passion, persistence, and empathy that pours out of the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization. Our titleholders are the heart of their community and together, we create a powerful ripple of grace and goodness across the country.

Make sure you follow along because you will not want to miss out on hearing the amazing stories of our titleholders! These girls are doing incredible things and surely making the world a better place each day. Follow @maoteennh on Instagram and Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen on Facebook to ensure you are there for our month long celebration of service!

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