603 Day!

Every year on June 3rd, us Granite Staters get permission to brag about how awesome New Hampshire is!

I obviously love my state but I know I am not the only one! New Hampshire has been deemed the best state to live in in the United States for the last three years! This is because of our remarkably low crime rate, unemployment rate, income tax, our economic status, and education systems.

I wonder what is not to love about New Hampshire? We set the tone for the primary with the honor of first in the nation, we are home to Aerosmith, Adam Sandler, and the Segway, and thats not to mention the undeniably breathtaking views that line the Granite State… from shoreline to mountain top.

There is no where I would rather call home. It is a dream come true to represent my home (and apparently the best in the nation) as Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen! Happy 603 Day!

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