Pandemic Parades

Typically, it would be about time for communities to line the streets and celebrate the summer season with parades. Although this year is bound to be a bit different, the beloved tradition has remained and even found a new meaning.

Just like so many others’, my job as Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen has been altered as we all begin to adjust to this new normal. I have been thrilled to find myself still traveling the state and building connections everywhere, even if it has been from a distance. Without a doubt, the large majority of this new job has been in parades. My mom’s car has become my glamorous float as I make contributions to the community hanging out her sunroof as we follow the line of vehicles rolling down the street.

From my own neighborhood to the beautiful North Country, I have witnessed the togetherness that really has nothing to do with the physical distance separating us, but the bond that we ALL share. I have celebrated birthdays, retirements, illness recoveries, the New Hampshire Make a Wish program, and so much more from my car and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Each parade is a reminder of the hope that will ALWAYS remain in this world. Where there is life, there is hope, and there has never been any greater celebration of life than a parade!

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