The Show Must Go On!

It’s no secret- quarantine is HARD. It really feels like we went from zero to one hundred and woke up one day locked inside. I am so lucky that throughout the entire experience, I still had the thing that keeps me sane.

I began coming to the dance studio to help teach some Zoom classes in the end of March, but it wasn’t until June that we were able to dance together again. And when that day came… wow was it different than the last time we saw each other!

I found myself spending pretty much everyday there, when I wasn’t dancing I was in the parking lot asking other students: “Have you been in close contact with anyone with the virus? Has there been any fevers in the household in the last 72 hours? Any muscle aches or chills? Any new respiratory symptoms? A change in sense of taste or smell? Did you take your temperature before you came?” I still have them memorized!

We had to stay 6 feet apart the entire time. This called for lots of changes to choreography in a very short amount of time to prepare for the recital we had in the end of the month.

Through it all, I have really found a new understanding and appreciation for my passion. Held outdoors, masks worn, and even with new choreography guidelines, this year’s recital was one for the books! It all worked out perfectly and ended up being a fun, low-stress family evening! I even tried my hand to choreography for the first time ever and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it! I put together a duo just for fun and ended up getting to perform it onstage, which is something I never thought I would get to do! Who knows, maybe it was the first of many!

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