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New Hampshire’s very own Canobie Lake Park is opening Thursday and although the summer tradition might look a lot different this year, it’s still going to be the center of summer family memories!

Tuesday was the amusement park’s pre-opening day exclusive for friends and family as a practice run employees to test out their new social distancing protocol. I was so excited when I was invited to attend but I instantly knew it was the PERFECT opportunity for some safe sister fun!

Some of the Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen class of 2020 joined me as we explored the park ALL day, rode every single ride, shared many laughs, and made some great memories. We had such an awesome time together.

Not to get too cheesy, but really these girls inspire me to do all I can to be a good leader through the title of Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen. I am so lucky to have so many amazing girls to call my sisters and it is my mission to represent even a portion of our intelligence, strength, talent, and compassion! Our Canobie trip was a great day for all of us to stay connected after only seeing each other through the screen for so long and I can’t want for many more safe get togethers!

Thank you SO much to Canobie Lake Park for hosting us and giving us such a great day! We all had a blast. Don’t miss Canobie’s grand opening, they did a great job at maintaining CDC guidelines for a comfortable experience for everyone!

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