Hunger Action Month 2020!!!!!!

Look at these hunger warriors!

As the weather continues to get colder and colder and the colorful leaves fall to the ground, I am so excited about how this year’s Hunger Action Month went. September was full of socially distant inspiration, empowerment, and togetherness.

Throughout the month, I had a blast partnering with the New Hampshire Food Bank for a fundraising initiative called “Tag Out Hunger”. This was a fun way to get everyone involved in the fight against food insecurity, raise awareness about the relevance of the issue, and show support to neighbors who may be struggling. It all starts with a sign, and to tag someone all you had to do was stick the sign in their yard and then it was their turn! On the sign, they would find a challenge to share a photo with their Tag Out Hunger sign to social media in order to spread the message, donate to the New Hampshire Food Bank to provide meals to fellow New Hampshirites, and then pass it along to the next person!

Tag Out Hunger not only raised tons of money for the New Hampshire Food Bank and spread awareness throughout the state, but it created a ripple effect of empathy and community during a time that can feel rather cold. All month long, everyone came together with one common goal… to end food insecurity. As September days continued to pass, it was amazing to witness the strength of this movement grow with each new household it reached.

Along with Tagging my friends throughout the state, I have been busy as ever not only fulfilling my purpose of doing to make sure no one has to go without dinner, but empowering others to do the same.

Leadership does not come from a person’s power, it comes from their ability to empower those around them.

John Maxwell

Seeds of Hope’s motto is, “From the smallest of Seeds grow the mightiest of trees”, because changing the world comes from tackling the biggest issues with one little act of hope at a time. The JFK Food Drop has become the hotspot of this compassion, and each week I have been aiming to bring a new team of volunteers with me to further prove what I have believed all along; that we are the generation of change. Gen-Z is not the future, we are the now, and seeing an army of advocates form over the course of Hunger Action Month 2020 has solidified this!

This month, I was honored with a place on the George H.W. Bush Inspiration Honor Roll. As exciting as it was to join other change-makers of all ages from around the world to celebrate the successes my dedication to food insecurity has brought, what has filled my heart has been seeing the state come together to help out those in need. I will never forget the ripple of strength that turned into an entire wave as the group beside me fighting hunger grew exponentially. (see the Press tab for more on the George H.W. Bush Award)

September is always very special and this year and I am so proud of the strides we made against these unprecedented levels of food insecurity. I know that we will carry this same enthusiasm and hope in the coming months as the fight against hunger continues, one meal at a time!

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