New Hampshire Youth Legislative Advisory Council

Over the summer, I had the honor of being appointed to the New Hampshire Youth Legislative Advisory Council. Typically, we would be in full swing right now meeting regularly at the beautiful statehouse but in classic 2020 style, the coronavirus wanted to keep us on our toes!

Myself and the 18 other college and high school students from around New Hampshire will be working directly with our state representatives, senators, and even the Governor to ensure the concerns of Gen-Z are being taken into account. Whether that is through creating new legislation, testifying for or against a bill, or simply advocating from the unique perspective of youth in today’s world, this committee ensures that regardless of our voting eligibility, all voices can be heard.

We recently held our very first virtual meeting and I cannot wait to see what we will accomplish as my two year term unfolds. It was wonderful to meet the representatives and senators who will serve as our advisers, and begin to brainstorm which important issues must be tackled first.

All of our meetings are open to the public and can be found on the New Hampshire House calendar. If you have an issue you want to be recognized at the legislative level, contact me and I can make it happen!

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