Seeds of Hope reaches Kailua!

So excited to announce that Seeds of Hope has hit the ground in Kailua, Hawaii!

There has been (and still is!) so, so, SO much happening behind the scenes. All throughout quarantine I have spent lots of time reflecting, reevaluating, planning, and most importantly doing everything I can to expand Seeds of Hope. I am busier than ever in the food pantries making sure New Hampshire’s unprecedented number of food-insecure families have access to the services they deserve. Still, there are some really exciting projects in the works that I cannot wait to reveal… get ready! 2021 is going to the year of Hope.

For now, I am thrilled to share that we have reached a new destination, Kailua, Hawaii! These seeds will be made into personal garden packages with my lesson on youth empowerment and will be distributed to elementary schools throughout the island. A portion of them will also be donated to community gardens so they can provide healthy food to families in need.

Stay tuned for more pictures as they begin to harvest!

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