“We Can” and We DID

Not like anyone needed more proof that the Miss New Hampshire Organization is a powerhouse of good, but I think that 2,237 pounds of food is a pretty fair example of just how much the strong leaders that make up this program are capable of.

Just a few weeks ago, I introduced the “We CAN Change the World” food drive to our titleholders, not providing much guidance and letting the girls take it in which ever direction they saw fit. Since the 2020 Miss New Hampshire competition was postponed all the way until April of 2021 and the Outstanding Teens should be preparing to compete to for my title next weekend, I figured the girls might be a little deprived of competition and I just had to spice things up. The representative from each group that collected the most amount of food would be rewarded with a special prize!

I put out a box and LOVED seeing all the promotion on social media. I knew the girls were doing a great job but still, I was blown away by the end of our collection day when our fourth car was packed to the brim with food!!

It was a pretty intense competition, but in the end, Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen and Miss Stratham were our winners! They joined me at the New Hampshire Food Bank to get the grand total and of course help unload all the food!

I cannot thank everyone who was involved in this enough. I am continuously so impressed by the initiative of our Miss New Hampshire Organization titleholders and this project proved my long time belief that we make up some of the state’s most passionate and capable change makers and that with a little team work and a lot of Hope, anything is possible! I am so incredibly proud to represent this program and cannot wait to see what we will accomplish next.

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