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My junior year of high school is very quickly coming to a close! Although my classes have remained virtual since fall, this has been such a busy year. I completed a few too many AP exams, started a campus podcast, earned college credit through dual enrollment at two different schools, became vice-president of Student Council, President of the National Honor Society, and was able to participate in so many more exciting opportunities despite the lingering uncertainties of the pandemic.

One experience that I am incredibly grateful for has been the opportunity to represent the Pinkerton Academy student body in discussions with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. I served as an evaluator of my school and was able to have honest, productive conversations with hundreds of Pinkerton faculty and administration about what works and what needs work.

Using the student perspective that I was so honored to bring forth, we were also able to redeem our credentials with the New England Board of Colleges as a semi-private high school and successfully plan ahead for the next five years. It was special to have the platform to contribute to refining curriculum plans and many other important aspects of school order that will impact daily student life far beyond my time on campus!

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