“Dragons Love Tacos” and other stories with Miss NH’s Outstanding Teen

Lots of people know that I love literature… reading, writing, even the history of literature! What a better time to share that interest than during this period of social distancing? I started a Youtube channel and on it, you will find my first ever virtual story times! I began with books “Dragons Love Tacos” byContinue reading ““Dragons Love Tacos” and other stories with Miss NH’s Outstanding Teen”

Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen 2020

The stronger the why, the easier the how. Four years ago, some of my greatest accomplishments included catching the biggest frogs for my town’s annual frog jumping contest and having the coolest birthday parties because of the zip-line and tightrope in my backyard. I was the opposite of what I thought to be a “pageantContinue reading “Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen 2020”

Seeds of Hope during Hunger Action Month

Happy Monday! Today isn’t JUST Monday… today is the first day of a great week, Hunger Awareness Week! The entire month of September is about encouraging not only advocacy, but real action against a crisis that strikes every neighborhood in America…hunger and food insecurity. My September has already been packed with initiatives to serve theContinue reading “Seeds of Hope during Hunger Action Month”