Seeds of Hope during Hunger Action Month

Happy Monday! Today isn’t JUST Monday… today is the first day of a great week, Hunger Awareness Week! The entire month of September is about encouraging not only advocacy, but real action against a crisis that strikes every neighborhood in America…hunger and food insecurity. My September has already been packed with initiatives to serve theContinue reading “Seeds of Hope during Hunger Action Month”

Sending off the Derry Elementary Students to Middle School!

All year, I have had the pleasure of sharing many afternoons with the students at Derry’s elementary schools! I have been mentoring these kids about the importance of all things, whether it be school and academic involvement, extracurricular activities, or just being a good person! It has truly been a great experience to get toContinue reading “Sending off the Derry Elementary Students to Middle School!”

Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen 2019

Reflecting on this past weekend has me utterly speechless. I am beyond words as my heart simply overflows with pure joy, gratitude, and excitement! The past eight months have been jam packed with preparations for this single weekend. I truly worked harder than I ever thought possible and the growth I’ve seen within myself speaksContinue reading “Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen 2019”


Isabel shares her story of hope to empower everyone to change the world because every beautiful flower and mighty forest began as a tiny seed in the dirt. To book Isabel Povey to speak at your school, fundraiser, or event, email, call 603-244-6386, and follow her journey through Instagram @maoteennh or Facebook at IsabelContinue reading “Contact”