Pampered Chef for Feeding America

Ordering super cool kitchen tools AND helping food pantries across the country? How could you possibly refuse? I recently concluded an awesome fundraiser for Feeding America that I was so happy to be able to partner up with a Pampered Chef consultant to really make an impact on a local and national level.

Prior to the pandemic, 821 million people were estimated to be food insecure. This already alarming number has since sky-rocketed as families who have never struggled suddenly find themselves worrying about paying the bills and affording weekly groceries.

After two super short weeks, we were able to raise hundreds of dollars for food banks across the country that are now experiencing an unprecedented need while also still relying on the generosity of the community to stock their shelves.

This is a tough time for all of us, but I know that together we will not only get through the pandemic, but come out stronger! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the fundraiser, you made a real impact and got some great new kitchen tools at the same time!

Derry Community Connection

A few weeks ago, I got to spread some Hope to the Derry Community! I was so honored to join the Derry TV for an episode of Community Connection, which is all about keeping the community connected in the midst of a pandemic. (Hence the name!)

I talked about the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Scholarship Organization, #KindnessRocks, Seeds of Hope, my normal day to day quarantine life and so much more!

It will be aired soon, so you won’t want to miss it! Stay tuned and set your DVR!

603 Day!

Every year on June 3rd, us Granite Staters get permission to brag about how awesome New Hampshire is!

I obviously love my state but I know I am not the only one! New Hampshire has been deemed the best state to live in in the United States for the last three years! This is because of our remarkably low crime rate, unemployment rate, income tax, our economic status, and education systems.

I wonder what is not to love about New Hampshire? We set the tone for the primary with the honor of first in the nation, we are home to Aerosmith, Adam Sandler, and the Segway, and thats not to mention the undeniably breathtaking views that line the Granite State… from shoreline to mountain top.

There is no where I would rather call home. It is a dream come true to represent my home (and apparently the best in the nation) as Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen! Happy 603 Day!

Pandemic Parades

Typically, it would be about time for communities to line the streets and celebrate the summer season with parades. Although this year is bound to be a bit different, the beloved tradition has remained and even found a new meaning.

Just like so many others’, my job as Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen has been altered as we all begin to adjust to this new normal. I have been thrilled to find myself still traveling the state and building connections everywhere, even if it has been from a distance. Without a doubt, the large majority of this new job has been in parades. My mom’s car has become my glamorous float as I make contributions to the community hanging out her sunroof as we follow the line of vehicles rolling down the street.

From my own neighborhood to the beautiful North Country, I have witnessed the togetherness that really has nothing to do with the physical distance separating us, but the bond that we ALL share. I have celebrated birthdays, retirements, illness recoveries, the New Hampshire Make a Wish program, and so much more from my car and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Each parade is a reminder of the hope that will ALWAYS remain in this world. Where there is life, there is hope, and there has never been any greater celebration of life than a parade!

New Horizons Walk For Hunger 2020

Every year for as long as I can remember, I’ve always looked forward to gathering my team to Walk For Hunger at the New Horizons/Families in Transition 5k. That remained the same, even though the walk looked a lot different this year.

The pandemic can’t stop this spirit! The walk was moved virtual this year, but we still kicked it off with an empowering message on Facebook live for all 1,000+ walkers, and took our strides toward the end of food insecurity! This year, we hit record numbers. Over half of the country was represented in 80 teams!

My family and I walked the Windham rail trails for our 5k and the rest of team Povey Power did their part across the state. It was beautiful outside and I always love exploring New Hampshire’s beautiful state parks and conservation trails. I left some #KindnessRocks along the way, of course! We finished the day supporting one of my favorite local businesses, The Juice Bar!

Cars and Coffee for the NH Food Bank

I was happy to start my day bright and early last weekend for the Seacoast Cars and Coffee car show to benefit the New Hampshire Food Bank! Since I’ve won my new title, appearances have been a lot different than I expected. It was so amazing to be back in the community and get to interact with people face to face, even if it was from six feet apart.

Almost a thousand cars of all different types and eras filled up the parking lot of the Mall At Fox Run before taking off on a joy ride from Newington to Hampton. Every driver made a contribution to the Food Bank, each one going a long way during this time of increased demand.

The event was a perfect refresher of the hope for what awaits after the pandemic and all-in-all a great success, raising nearly 5,000 pound of food for Granite Staters in need!

No Kid Hungry is Spec-TACO-lar!

For limited time only, my FAVORITE restaurant, TacoBell, has partnered with one of my FAVORITE organizations, No Kid Hungry! The TacoBell Foundation is donating 8 million dollars to non-profits across the country that serve our youth, along with 3 million dollars in scholarships to graduating high school students. Last month, the fast food chain donated one million dollars to No Kid Hungry and has so far raised over 4 million in this month’s fundraiser. It is not over yet, so if you don’t know what to eat for dinner tonight or just want to “Live Más”, here is your sign! Head to TacoBell and enjoy the best meal ever (I recommend the Number One), but don’t forget to Share Your Strength and donate to No Kid Hungry while you can! Taco-bout Awesome!

May-ke A Difference

  • Style
  • Scholarship
  • Success

The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization is full of passionate young women across the country working hard to make the world a better place. A prerequisite to compete in any competition is to have a personal platform issue- the specific cause that is particularly near and dear to us that we choose to focus our philanthropic efforts on.

Each girl in the MAOTeen organization serves their community diligently, exploring, exercising, and creating innovate ways to make a real impact. The crown (although the sparkles are amazing!) is so much more than an award or accessory. It comes with great responsibility and gives even greater opportunity. It is a sparkly microphone, providing an audience and spotlight as she continues her service so selflessly. Each point of the crown represents what makes a teen truly Outstanding; service, style, scholarship, and success.

Here in New Hampshire, we have 25 Miss and 25 Teens across the state, each one with a unique platform which they dedicate their time to and ultimately touch and change countless lives. This number varies more or less in every state through our nation, totaling up to prove that the Miss America and MAOTeen Organization is responsible for a great deal of successful leadership, social entrepreneurship, and compassionate females determined to make a difference.

When I was crowned Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen, I knew right away that one of my biggest goals for the year would be to showcase the incredible impact our titleholders are making in the world. With service as one of the emphases of our organization, enabling girls all over the country to utilize their crown to make a difference, I was eager to not only bring attention to our acts of selflessness, but to celebrate them.

To showcase the good our Outstanding Teens are doing here in the Granite State, I am dedicating the entire month of May to our girls, opening the stage to them and the platforms they care so passionately for. Each day will feature a different girl with a “Service Spotlight” on the Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen Facebook and Instagram pages where they will share everything from their inspiration, successes, goals, and more.

May-ke A Difference month is all about broadcasting the strength, passion, persistence, and empathy that pours out of the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization. Our titleholders are the heart of their community and together, we create a powerful ripple of grace and goodness across the country.

Make sure you follow along because you will not want to miss out on hearing the amazing stories of our titleholders! These girls are doing incredible things and surely making the world a better place each day. Follow @maoteennh on Instagram and Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen on Facebook to ensure you are there for our month long celebration of service!

Global Youth Service Day 2020


Global Youth Service Day 2020 didn’t go as originally planned, but it certainly surpassed all of my greatest expectations. Together, we raised over $2,100 for the New Hampshire Food Bank!

Just a few days ago, I released the information about my newest initiative, the #PoveyPower5k. It was a simple idea to help my friends at the Food Bank who are experiencing an unprecedented need for food as they are serving over 40% more families than they typically do at this time. With all third party fundraising events cancelled and the demand only growing, the possibility of shortages are becoming too close to reality.

I’ve been using my new found extra time during social distancing to get back into an old passion of mine- running and as Global Youth Service Day continued to approach, I knew I wanted to find a fun way to get everyone involved in some serious service.

In just three days with LOTS of team work and #PoveyPower, we were able to donate food for nearly 4,500 New Hampshire families.

Runners, walkers, bikers, even skateboarders and horseback riders across the state of New Hampshire and even some other states around the country united to make a difference for those who needed it most, just in time for Global Youth Service Day.

I had a great day turning my street into a colorful finish line for those celebratory final steps, chasing the end to food insecurity, and most of all, witnessing change right before my eyes.

Global Youth Service day proved that while we are apart, we are far from alone. Together, we are changing to world and I have no doubt that with some hope, and a little #PoveyPower here and there, one day no one will have to know how it feels to go to bed on an empty stomach.

Stay tuned for a very special video recap of this amazing day to highlight all of the incredible change makers on the Povey Power Team who made it possible to make such an impact.

Kindness Rocks Campaign Update!

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

Mother Teresa

That is exactly to purpose of #KindnessRocks. Share positivity everywhere, everyday. I may not be an artist, but I have loved leading this campaign because it not only passes along compassion in a ripple effect, but it also gets our creative juices flowing and encourages us to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors!

I think it’s safe to say I adopted painting rocks as my newest hobby, but my favorite thing about #KindnessRocks is seeing what YOU all come up with! My fellow Outstanding Teens have done a fantastic job spreading kindness throughout New Hampshire!

Keep up the great work! I want to see YOUR creativity! Tag your creation to #KindnessRocks @maoteennh to join us in celebrating compassion!